"The Transporter - good film. Transporter 2 - bad film. Transporter 3 - I still haven't made up my mind..."

I loved the first Transporter film. It was very well shot, featured great fight scenes, great car chases, and was generally pretty damn enjoyable. Transporter 2 was crap, so it was with a non expectant air that I entered the screening for Transporter 3.

What does this film do well? Firstly, Jason Statham is bloody massive. He'd kick Brad Pitt's ass in an ab off any day. The problem is, Pitt is a bloody good actor. Statham, for all his rugged charm, is more limited in that department. What doesn't help, is a frankly unbelievable script. Not unbelievably good, but ‘on my god did they just say that out loud' unbelievable. I'm not entirely sure if it's supposed to be tongue in cheek - it certainly produced a lot of laughs, but whether or not we were laughing at or with I'm not entirely sure!

There were some cute moments in the film - it's a credit that at times I was reminded of the tongue in cheek humour of the old school Bond flicks (the strip fight scene was especially good), but I felt that the director just tried to be a bit too clever with the cinematography. For me, it spoils what could have been spectacular fight and car chase scenes by had they just been shot normally.

So where does that leave us? Would I recommend Transporter 3 as a good film to watch? Regrettably, I'm going to have to say no. It's certainly not as bad as the second film, but it's still not a patch on the first. It could have been, but in trying a bit too hard, too much of the charm of the original has been lost.