"a fantastic CGI filled adventure through the grid"

I'm not really old enough to have seen the original TRON back when it came out in 1982. However with that said - I still have an understanding of just how revolutionary its effects were at the time. When this film was announced, I was really excited. While "Legacy" may not be as revolutionary as the original was, it still manages to capture what made the original great by having a polished technical sheen, great action, and some clever computer references. The story's progression from the first film is in Real-Time, as it takes place 28 years after the original film. Apparently after the events of the original film, Kevin Flynn left his program CLU in charge of The Grid in order to "Create the perfect system." A year after, he had a son and became the new CEO of Encom. Flynn's son, Sam, becomes the majority share-holder but isn't too interested in Encom's affairs and has little to do with the company. Then, his father goes missing. Sam gets a message from him beckoning him to his arcade, where he finds his fathers computer.. Oh, and the digitizing laser just so happens to be there and Sam finds himself in The Grid, and he tries to find his father and solve the mystery behind the Grid's new problems. This film is exactly what fans of tron will be expecting, a fantastic CGI filled adventure through the grid. And it lives up to everything, first of all the lore is perfect, the writers of this film had clearly taken into account all of the things mentioned in the original and all spin offs including video games and have compiled a film that fits into the world without any hiccups. The action is outstanding, the light cycle scene, the disc battles, the light jets and the various fight scenes all look fantastic.
The score by Daft Punk is also top notch, probably one of the best and most powerful scores I've heard in a in a long time. The music is perfectly scored to the action, pace and tone of the movie. It is powerful, deep, and will rock your socks off. I'm almost certain they will get an Oscar nod. Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprise their roles from the original film. As well as Kevin, Bridges is also the face of Clu 2 with CGI used to de-age. Critics hailed the first film for its acting and this is delivered again here. Bridges is as convincing as ever as the two characters he plays however the computer generated face of Clu 2 becomes a lot less convincing as you see more of the character, ends up looking like a permanently straight-faced face with thick make-up poured upon. Garrett Hedlund shined in his role as Sam, Olivia Wilde was wonderful as Quorra and Michael Sheen who was rather unrecognisable did a fabulous job as Castor, the program running a club at the top of a tower. Lovers of the original will enjoy this one, so if you're a proud follower or just a person looking for mind numbing visuals then this should most definitely be on your holiday to do list.