"i want some more"

Bella & Edward - I can with all certainty, assure people that Kristen Stewart has been perfectly cast as Bella. They could not have found a better fit. She embodies the character completely and absolutely does her justice. Robert Pattison's Edward is suitably cold in the beginning, but soon warms up and you can tell these two actors have the chemistry needed to make the Bella and Edward relationship believable. Although they are given questionable dialogue at times, they both pull out all the stops - thankfully - as this film rests almost completely on their shoulders. That isn't to say the other characters in the film aren't important. Far from it. Every other person in the film is crucial, and I'm glad to see the casting was spot-on with almost every single one of them.

I've got to be honest with you, if you came to watch Twilight looking for regular old vampires.. you're watching the wrong film. Twilight's vampires doesn't have fangs, you can't kill them with garlic, and they don't die when you expose them to the sun. I love the way Catherine Hardwicke gave the film an "indie" feel. Because somehow the vampires felt more realistic this way. The love story between Bella/Edward was also played out well by the main actors. You can really feel that tension, when you want to be with someone but know you shouldn't.

Overall, the film surprised me, surpassing way over my expectations and probably some other people that are going to see it too.