"this film is so sophistaced I worry that it might just be too clever"

This film is so sophistaced I worry that it might just be too clever to connect with the mainstream audience, specifically young kids. I myself, a huge fan of Pixar, Sci-fi (yes Star Trek too) and even Sigourney Weaver's Galaxy Quest had me laughing from beginning to end. So, I was indeed very excited about seeing the 9th Pixar creation.

Opening with an almost picture perfect set - (you just won't believe your eyes) - the visual design of Wall-E is arguably Pixar's best. Even more astonishing, is the brilliance of how an old video tape of 'Hello Dolly!' makes Wall-E understand what love and happiness mean. In Pixar's other creations, you take the power of sound for granted, it isn't until WALL-E that you realise the breathtaking level of imagination and creativity that has gone into engaging this audience. Thinking hard, there is probably only 10% dialogue in this film, but I swear you'd believe Wall-E's vocal sounds are words speaking to us throughout his journey.

This is Pixar's finest and most emotionally powerful film yet, and it draws on a wealth of today's cinematic resources. Sci-fi aside, WALL-E is a love story, pure and simple. Pixar's creative animation artists drench the screen in a dazzling palette of violets, magentas, crimsons, and pinks - the colors of the heart - and achieve a level of clarity that approaches reality without sacrificing one iota of dreamy, animated wit. WALL-E pulls on all our emotions, its sad, hilarious, exciting, and, ultimately, hopeful.