"thanks to the sharp editing, the soundtrack and the cast, the almost confusing plot doesn’t ruin the movie completely"

Written and Directed by John Michael McDonagh, War on Everyone is a buddy cop black comedy that is furiously fast paced, has an amazing soundtrack and a great cast ensemble capable of entertaining and distracting the audience from a partially confusing and empty plot.

Set in New Mexico, the story focuses on two dirty and corrupt cops trying to make a better living by blackmailing all the criminals they find on their way. However, the game is set to become harder when they try to scare a rich British baron who is acting as the mastermind behind a business involving money and guns.

While watching the film, the plot is confusing and never explained completely if not entirely, it seems like a series of scenes edited together just to reach the one hour and a half running time.

The plot only moves forward by endless banter that aims at making fun of all the pressing topics of our contemporary times, in a setting that vaguely reminds me of the 1980s. Race, religion, trans awareness and "traditional" family are the main focus in each outrageous joke. However, while some of them might be funny and create a dark comic banter between the characters, others just fell flat to me and seemed to be a bit too far.

Nevertheless, the flow of the movie is still fast paced and never dull thanks to the constant comedy tread and the action scenes.

What could have been a complete disaster however, gets saved by the cast ensemble and the directing. In fact, although all the characters are over the top, to be in line with the overly comic side of the movie, both Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña are completely committed to their characters, even when they don't make any sense and their actions are just erratic. Their partnership is great and both supported one another throughout the story. Theo James, playing the bad guy, portrays the clichéd mastermind behind the illegal trades without any difficulties, matching the over the top vibe of the movie with his performance.

John Micheal McDonagh did an amazing job as a director; his impeccable style is present in War on Everyone as well and his panoramic shots, along with the close ups on the main characters’ face, have a specific crystal clear quality that makes the photography and the directing technique excellent. Therefore, thanks to the sharp editing, the soundtrack and the cast, the almost confusing plot doesn’t ruin the movie completely.

All in all, as far as an unapologetic comedy movie goes, War on Everyone can be considered a successful product. However, while stylistically the film is impeccable and the cast ensemble is well balanced and committed to the project, on the other hand, it fails to bring to the screen a linear, substantial and clear plot that could have made it an enjoyable experience on every front.