Arrogant European opera impresario, tenor Rodolfo Lassparri, is chasing after his leading lady, Rosa Castaldi. Rosa detests her leading man. She’s in love with Ricardo Baroni, an unknown tenor who is more talented than Lassparri. All Ricardo needs is an opportunity to show the world his talent. Otis B. Driftwood convinces Mrs. Claypool to be a benefactress to the New York Opera Company to the tune of $200,000, Mrs. Claypool seeing this investment as her in into society life. With the money, the company’s managing director, Herman Gottlieb, can hire Lassparri. Lassparri accepts and wants to bring Rosa to New York with him to continue as his leading lady, both on stage and in life. On the ship to New York, Ricardo, his friend and self-appointed manager Fiorello, and Lassparri’s former dresser Tomasso (Lassparri fired him) stowaway on board. They want to go to New York to assist Ricardo in getting into the company himself as the leading tenor and to reunite him with his love, Rosa. The stowaways are found out and the authorities are after them. Once in New York, the trio plus Driftwood have to keep one step ahead of the authorities all the while helping Ricardo achieve his dream. Their actions include some on stage antics during Lassparri’s New York stage debut.



November 15, 1935


Irving Thalberg


James Kevin McGuinness (story) George S. Kaufman (screenplay)


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) (1935) (USA) (theatrical)


Comedy, Romance, Musical




96 minutes