One of the all-time great musicals, Holiday Inn combines the talents of singing superstar Bing Crosby and dancing virtuoso Fred Astaire with a score written by legendary composer Irving Berlin. Crosby plays an entertainer fed-up with show business. Part of a trio with Astaire and Virginia Dale, he plans to marry Dale and retire to the ‘easy life’ in the country. But his plans go awry when Astaire steals Reynolds away from him and he later discovers that country life is a lot more work than he had planned on.

His new scheme is to promote a country inn that is only open on the holidays, leaving the rest of the days of the year for him to lounge about. With the help of aspiring starlet Marjorie Reynolds, the inn becomes a big success. Life seems to finally be going his way when he falls in love with Reynolds, but matters again become complicated when Astaire shows up, after having just been dumped by Dale, and tries to steal Reynolds away from him.

Both humorous and touching, Holiday Inn features many wonderful numbers, such as Astaire’s firecracker dance and Crosby’s introduction of the Academy Award-winning ‘White Christmas.’ Astaire and Crosby work well off each other and are a real treat to watch. And Irving Berlin’s score is without equal.



April 04, 1942


Mark Sandrich


Irving Berlin (idea) Elmer Rice (adaptation)


Paramount Pictures (1942) (USA) (theatrical)


Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance




100 minutes