"targets fans of science fiction who care more about science than the fiction"

Written and Directed by Visual Effects Supervisor Hasraf Dulull, 2036 Origin Unknown is his second feature and stars fan favourite Actress Katee Sackhoff as Mackenzie 'Mack' Wilson as she works with the Artificial Intelligence system called ARTi (voice of Steven Cree) as they are tasked with discovering the origin of a monolith found under the surface of Mars, following a failed manned mission to the red planet.

Set largely in Mission Control, 2036 Origin Unknown gave me hints of Flight of the Navigator paired with 2001: A Space Odyssey as Mack, a no nonsense astronaut and the aforementioned ARTi A.I. go back and forth as they try to discover the origin of the mysterious monolith and its potential ramifications for the Earth. Their interplay is definitely the stand out of the film for me as it is interwoven throughout the film.

Featuring a stellar performance from Kate Sackhoff, 2036 Origin Unknown is a highly powerful and engaging thriller that is well directed by Dulull and targets fans of science fiction who care more about science than the fiction.

As the film is set largely in Mission Control, Katee’s Mack has various iterations with her sister Lena Sullivan (Julie Cox) over video phone and Ray Fearon’s Sterling Brooks who both play their roles well and serve to further the compelling story.

In the end, 2036 Origin Unknown is an interesting interpretation of a idea done by others that will keep you engaged from start to finish.