"it is a rather deep and sentimental film which, by the end, has you in tears, due to the emotion shown"

This film is directed by Roger Michell, Written by Christian Torpe and stars Kate Winslet, Susan Sarandon, Mia Wasikowska and Rainn Wilson, this film heavily focuses on a terminally ill mother who brings together her family for one final time before she says her final goodbyes to them and the world.

As I briefly stated above, this film focuses solely on a mother who has become terminally ill and wishes for all her family to be with her for one final time before she dies. Although this film is a remake of the Danish film Silent Heart from 2014, it is a rather deep and sentimental film which, by the end, has you in tears, due to the emotion shown within the film. During the film there is visible tension between the two sisters (Winslet & Wasikowska) which threatens the plan for the ill mother and her end of life situation.

However, as the film plays on, it became more emotional as the family begin to come together for the mother and to place their differences aside to make her final few days as uplifting and memorable as possible, by celebrating holiday traditions throughout the weekend.

The film brings some scenes of humour, as well as scenes of emotion and sadness, but I did enjoy the film from start to finish, and although the film did show strained moods between the two daughters and their mother, I was overcome with emotion by the end when they all placed their differences aside to be there for their final moments with their beloved mother.

Blackbird is a softly made film which seems to have been created in the aim of everyone searching for meaning which is never found, but easily became a well written film, about assisted dying, which is difficult to do perfectly, but from watching this, I believe this film was perfectly produced with great casting, with such emotion, which leads viewers to tears by the end.

I will be recommending this film to friends and family, and I give this film 4 stars, I hope you all enjoy this film as much as I did, but make sure you have the tissues to hand because you are going to need them to dry your eyes.