"It maintains hysterical crassness throughout but there is something very heartwarming"

I Love You, Man, from the team of the Judd Apatow, was produced with the intention of exploring the new phrase of "bromance." A friendless man (Paul Rudd) is getting married soon and doesn't have a best man. So, he goes on a serious of "man dates" to try to find a suitable friend to be his best friend at his wedding. He meets Jason Seigel's character and they instantly hit it off... While there are laughs to be had, (and I think you see where I'm going with this), this is your basic romantic comedy which means that it is very formula based.

The film is like many others we have seen with just a little bit of new stuff thrown on top. I Love You, Man does do a good job of comparing and contrasting heterosexual women's emotionally rich, same-sex friendships with heterosexual men's typically barren, same-sex friendships. The best bits hit the mark perfectly. Paul Rudd is brilliant, superb chemistry with Rashida Jones and Jason Segel. Rashida Jones is good in her role, although she doesn't quite get the big laughs, she endearing and believable in her role. Jason Segel has a colorful, off-beat part, which he handles like a breeze - creating a sort of clumsy character.

Predictably the Third Act becomes the resolution of Peter's relationship with Zooey and Sydney. It maintains hysterical crassness throughout but there is something very heartwarming when Peter admits, "I Love You, Man."