"Wright is expertly capable of balancing out suspense, comedy, mystery and horror with great ease"

If one were to use a few words to describe Last Night in Soho, the first ones that come to mind are: Edgar Wright does it again.

Writing about this movie can be quite a task; disclosing any important parts of the plot will dilute the audience experience since being thrilled and shocked by the story unfolding is one of the things that makes this film worth watching.

Background to this glamorous and noir story is London, both in modern times and the 1960’s. Specifically everything takes place in Soho, where art, fashion and performance meet and clash together.

Eloise is a young fashion student, who has moved to London from Cornwall to pursue her dream of becoming a designer. A bit of an outsider, she quickly decides to rent a room in the heart of Soho. What seems to be a dream, quickly turns into something out of this world when Eloise becomes consumed with the life of a wannabe singer in the 1960’s whom she mysteriously can live the life of at night.

The story itself is intriguing and captivating from the get go, however what keeps on enchanting the audience is the colours, the costumes and the fantastic cast telling this tale. What makes Last Night in Soho the perfect balance between horror and glamour is the costume designs.

As Fashion is part of the story, the dresses speak for themselves and tell a story of their own. Along with the makeup, the style evolves both for Eloise and the other protagonists. Along with the costumes, the cast is spectacular in bringing to life this movie. Diana Rigg is on a league of her own, but just like a true artist, she compliments the rest of the cast really well and allows them to shine on screen.

Thomasin McKenzie has an amazing energy throughout the film and her bond with Anya Taylor-Joy makes it easier for the audience to believe what they are going through and feel emotionally invested. Both female leads are extremely talented in showcasing their emotions using their bodies and movement.

However, what makes Last Night in Soho extremely enjoyable and such a dynamic movie is how Wright is expertly capable of balancing out suspense, comedy, mystery and horror with great ease. The running time goes really quickly and the whole story wraps up nicely, taking the audience along for the ride by allowing them to discover the characters bit by bit.

With a pinch of glamour and a healthy dose of horror, Last Night in Soho is the perfect movie to watch this Halloween and one that shouldn’t be missed this year.