"It's a fun, likable film. full stop."

Marley and Me is a true family film. The first half, with cute puppies and slap stick humor, will probably draw in the younger audiences, while the last half, a surprisingly substance filled story of a marriage growing past its prime, will appeal to the parents. The inevitable last bit will hit it home for everyone... even the teenagers.On a different note, what I was really impressed with Owen Wilson. I have never been too impressed with his work, he's tolerable, but that's about it. In this, however, he gave a very heartfelt performance. The last few scenes were among his most impressive work ever.

Director David Frankel's style really does shine through. The director's Television work includes episodes of Sex and The City and last years hit The Devil Wears Prada. While both of those projects might be considered "Chick Flick" type but it also means he knows how to handle comedy, and emotion and a good story with solid characters. Marley and Me will touch you - its just a fun, cute film. Invite the family, sit down and really enjoy this film that will likely last beyond it's time.