"an enthralling, action epic, that presents a world that is brutally lived in"

Job one of a filmmaker is to make an entertaining film, and a film that is based on historical events is no different. In the case of Medieval, a very brutal and entertaining film, the filmmaking team lead by Petr Jákl have achieved that flawlessly, whilst bringing to the screen the story of a fifteenth century Czech icon and warlord Jan Žižka (Ben Foster), set against the backdrop of two opposing Popes.

I’m not familiar with Jan Žižka or his exploits so I can't comment on the motivations of the man, the myth, the legend, but the portrayal here by the ever amazing Ben Foster is second to none, Foster knows how to craft a believably brooding character and the action set pieces are made even more spectacular when you have a competent lead, and Foster is one of those performers that always give his all, no matter the role he takes on. He can and does navigate it all; from the brutality of Žižka to the quite moments, Foster is one of the best and he proves that time and time again.

Medieval is an enthralling, action epic, that presents a world that is brutally lived in, as I said, I don’t know his story, but as I understand it, Žižka, was one of the most notorious and effective military leaders in history, during the Holy Roman Empire era; so seeing the story told on screen in epic fashion, with an amazing cast including Sir Michael Caine, Sophie Lowe and Matthew Goode is a story that deserves to be told. If there are more stories to be told revolving around Žižka, sign me up!