"fun - yes, silly - definitely"

Night at the Museum 2.. fun - yes. silly - definitely. Is it worth watching? - perhaps if you're 8, 9 or 10 years old.

Lets recap, the first film focuses on the rather reluctant nightguard, Larry Daley and how surprised he is when he sees what happens in the museum after dark. Now, its time for a sequel - or is it? This time, Larry Daley has abandoned the friends he made at Museum. Owen Wilson's tiny cowboy, Steve Coogan's tiny Centurion and the others are about to be sent for storage in Washington's Smithsonian, but it's up to Larry to stop them..

OK, so it's clever in terms of the historical connections and the hilarious lines that went into creating such scenes with Darth Vader and Alfred Eisenstaedt's Kiss but I just found there was a little too much going on all at once. With her sparky, sexy persona Amy Adams steals the show as Amelia Earhart. Yet a little irritating at times her performance is still brilliant. Jonah Hill and Ricky Gervais' cameos are refreshing - so much that I found myself forgetting about 'ol Ben Stiller.

Without a doubt, its CGI at its best but did we really need the slapping monkey scene?

It boils down to being your typical family fun and mainstream entertainment - nothing more, nothing less.