"Better than you'd expect"

I was pleasantly surprised to see that films like this can still sell and be good enough to watch. Antibodies director Christian Alvart takes suspense into space with this tale of two astronauts who realize that they aren't alone as they drift into the darkest corners of our galaxy. Awakening in their hyper-sleep chamber with no memory of who they are or what their mission is, disoriented astronauts Lt. Payton (Dennis Quaid) and Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) gradually surmise that they are the only ones aboard the darkened spacecraft.  

Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid are the two most marketable names, holding their performances throughout. Cam Gigandet felt slightly overacted at times. The cinematography is fast paced, possibly a little to jerky during the flight scenes, it was difficult keeping up with who was who.  

On a more positive note: The audience were jumping, screaming and laughing afterwards about how scared they were. I think its a roaring success considering my low expectations. The sets are dramatically stunning and the special effects flawless. The film moves quickly and is full of twists and terrifying jumps. So, is Pandorum a groundbreaking film? No. It's a good film that entertains and you the Friday night cinema audience will probably find it more shocking and gory than they might expect.  

The film does feature a solid cast that deliver solid performances, thick atmosphere, several scares and a few unexpected twists. If you are a fan of the genre, you'll definitely want to check it out.