"A content action movie, which whilst maybe not being the big budget epics from Marvel or Disney it still keeps you involved and happy throughout"

I'm not going to lie, when I initially watched the trailer for Plane I got a distinct B-movie vibe, however seeing that Mike Colter was going to be in it my interest peaked so imagine my luck being able attend an advanced screening ahead of its release. So, was this to a true first class flight? Or cattle class?

I'm happy to say it exceeded my initial expectations although it's not without its faults, let's get the obvious of the way.. The majority of the cast are relative unknowns which isn't a downside, letting us see some fresh performances free of any typecasting from previous roles, however it does mean that the supporting cast; whilst present do not make a huge impact on the story over all, one exception to this is Yoson An who plays Co-Pilot Dale, he's great in his role, not too over the top and adds some needed depth.

As expected the meatiest roles go to our two main stars, Gerald Butler who plays Captain Brodie Torrance, our rough around the edges but loveable protagonist and Mike Colter who plays the initially mysterious Louis Gaspar. The plot isn't breaking new ground, but it is still executed well. Having our Captain preparing to fly home to see his daughter for New Years Eve, his plans as they usually do, don't end up going according to plan.. Firstly they have the addition of convict Gaspar who along with an Air Marshall is “hitching a ride” part of the way.. Cue Colter being his ever so cool self as usual. Then after being forced to fly through adverse weather they crash land in a violent lawless area of the Philippines.. What follows is a battle for survival and a wild rescue mission.

There is a noticeable absence of a soundtrack so to speak but this helps to build tension, the fight scenes are also largely great, most being shot in a very up close and personal manner which makes you feel like you're peering into the action from the same room. The same artist style applies to the shots within the plane during the turbulent crash, believe when I say that from someone who is an anxious flyer already this brought back some not so found memories, but I digress, you definitely feel part of the experience.

The effects are largely practical which on a movie which is more modestly budgeted than your average blockbuster is expected, still remains impressive. The CGI on the plane itself does some times appear a little lacking and some shall we say unusual angles were chosen perhaps to hide or at least make the best of what was on offer.

Now, from the above it may seem like I didn't have a great experience however, this was not the case, I found that overall Plane was better than its trailer portrayed it to be, it didn't feel over long and at no point did I find that the film dragged. The gun fights are highlights and it feel like a fun albeit sort of familiar ride.

Without reducing it to comparisons I feel the best way I can describe the experience was like watching a hybrid of Sully and Die Hard, albeit with less swearing. Also Mike Colter and a sledgehammer may be one of the coolest moments of this film.

To Summarise: A content action movie, which whilst maybe not being the big budget epics from Marvel or Disney it still keeps you involved and happy throughout.. Might also make you think twice about flying budget again.