"A powerful and action filled film, about a young woman trying to succeed in her life-long dream, and being a full-time mum to her young daughter"

Written and Directed by Alice Winocour, with co-writer Jean Stephane Bron, this film is a rare one surrounding the life of astronauts with the film centring around the story of a young female French Astronaut named Sarah (Eva Green), who is training hard at the European Space Agency, based in Cologne.

It becomes apparent, very early on, that she is also the only female in the entire program, and is a single mother to her eight-year-old daughter named Stella (Zelie Boulant). Sarah is finding it difficult to spend more time with her daughter and often feels guilty for not being able to.

When Sarah is chosen to join in a year-long space mission, named Proxima, this creates some tensions and arguments within the relationship between mother and daughter, causing tensions which can be felt by the audience watching this film.

Upon watching the trailer to this film, before watching the film, I was excited to see a film focused on space travel and seeing scenes shot at the real training centres at the ESA, which gives the feeling of realism.

This film has some parts where the characters speak English and there are other parts where the characters are speaking French, with subtitles included on screen, so definitely one to stay focused on to know what is being said and what is going on.

I am a sucker for any space films, and documentaries about astronauts too, so seeing this film is focused on a female astronaut about to embark on a life long dream, I was prepared to make myself comfy to watch this film, and as I said before, although this is a mix between English and French, I enjoyed it, and I liked to try and pick up some words in French to learn, which didn't really work as the focus is on reading the subtitles to keep up to speed with the ongoing story of the film.

I enjoyed this, I enjoyed the suspense and the action, this is one I would recommend to my friends to watch. Alice Winocour did a good job with her directing and her writing, and this film certainly gives out good, and positive, meanings to what it means to become a space person and that any industry should allow equality, especially as this film shows Sarah as the only female within the space program but is being treated as equally as everyone else, and trying to manage her duty to the space program with bringing up a young child.

This film also stars Matt Dillon (Mike Shannon), Aleksey Fateev (Anton Ochievsky), Lars Eidinger (Thomas Akerman), Sandra Huller (Wendy Haur).