"the plot is well balanced without being predictable"

From the opening sequence, JJ Abrams asserts his authority in a plot twist which will shake the stars of the Star Trek universe. From the first stunning visuals of a pre-Enterprise time to the final iconic sweeping space shots - the new Star Trek is back, completely engaging for fans and newcomers alike. Easily grabbing a mainstream audience and yet still retaining the in-crown jokes and nuances of the original audience. What made this film special for me was not the story and undoubtedly the remarkable CGI . The film is a visual feast. The way that scale was conveyed was breath-taking.

Following Shatner into the big chair is a daunting prospect, but Chris Pine does it with Kirk-like bravery, and then we have the equally poisoned chalice of Spock, grasped firmly in both hands by Heroes' Sylar himself, Zachary Quinto. He's great if a little more emotional than I was expecting, but in the context of how things are subtly altered I was fine with that, the physicality of Spock he owns entirely Simon Pegg is especially good as Scotty, who goes around in a constant state of wonderment about the technology around him. He also gets some of the funniest lines.

Star Trek has a few defects worth noting, the romance between Spock and Nyota never felt completely developed and some the way in which Kirk rises from rebellious youth to starship commander is a little too easy. Overall, the plot is well balanced without being predictable. There is plenty of action and just enough comedy. J.J. Abrams' film is a mostly clever and reverential synthesis of various elements of the Star Trek universe that should please many. The film provides a new generation with a strong introduction to the Star Trek mythos. This first installment bodes well for the overall success of Paramount's efforts. This has set a high standard for a new era of Star Trek that I hope will spawn at least a couple more films.