"Christian Bale delivers his intense, calm and reserved performance like he does in most of his films"

I'm a fan of the Terminator series, T2 was one of the first films I can actually remember watching when I was younger and comprehending the plot. As I grew older the first two Terminator films stayed a part of my sci-fi cinema collection and both are landmark films in their own right. Terminator Salvation, despite being an unnecessary entry in the series, is entertaining. The action sequences are flawfless and most of the performances are solid. However, there isn't much for these actors to work with, as the characters they're portraying are severely underdeveloped. Whereas the first two Terminators were so much more, Salvation proves to be nothing more, and nothing less, than a straight-forward action flick.

Sam Worthington plays Marcus, who is sent to 2018 from the past when he had volunteered to donate his body for a cause that would change the future for mankind. The ultimate discovery of his shocking self is a revelation for him and a threat to Conner who only at a later point realises that Marcus is not whom he perceived to be. Conner infiltrates Skynet to rescue Kyle Reese, who fathers John Conner in the past (T1). The time travel phenomenon will leave you confused at times but what the writers and director MCG have achieved is quite commendable, considering that this is the 4th installment in a series.

While Christian Bale delivers his intense, calm and reserved performance like he does in most of his films, Saw Worthington is the one who towers above all. His performance has the versatility, intensity and is a promising rising star.

No doubt it will satisfy the action junkies, but leave those who want to see a continuance of the story empty. The barren wastelands are nice to see and gives them free roam for many neat things, such as car chases, motorcycle chases, air jet chases, etc. The biggest problem facing this film is its script. By making more room for the character of John Connor, it starts to bloat and loses its impact. John Connor's wife (Bryce Dallas-Howard, replacing Claire Danes) is visibly pregnant, and yet, nothing is ever mentioned about it in the film.

On the upside of things, director McG deserves a round of applause. Terminator Salvation is purely action and special effects and it's all done beautifully. McG might have struggled with some things, but action was not one of them.