"its a little obvious and cliché but does have a heart and soul"

The plot circles around the conflict of Ben Stiller's character, Eddie. First his reluctance to get married and then his overeagerness to tie the knot culminating in a very eventful honeymoon with his new wife. He meets another girl played by Michelle Monaghan (MI3) and they start falling for one another till the roof caves in as it always does in these romantic comedies. It's a typical Farrelly brothers movie: crude, rauncy and foul-mouthed yet a hilariously well done film.

Laughs are literally non-stop as every scene amplifies the obstacles and ups the ante. The great casting gives incredible spot-on performances and sun-drenched locations provide perfect visual counterpoint to Eddie's egregiously slimy juggling act. It was great to see Ben Stiller uplifted by the presence of his father, Jerry Stiller who plays Ben's dad on screen for the first time. The car scene is fantastic - I think there will be moments when women will question if that's what they come across like at the beginning of a relationship! Overall its a little obvious and cliché but does have a soul and is sure to bring a few laughs to your evening.