The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali shares his Reviews for Shorts Block 3 at the 2019 Edition of the London Independent Film Festival | The Fan Carpet

The Fan Carpet’s Marc Jason Ali shares his Reviews for Shorts Block 3 at the 2019 Edition of the London Independent Film Festival

07 April 2019

The London Independent Film Festival (LIFF) is the premier event for first and second-time film-makers, micro-budget and no-budget films in the UK. LIFF offers a fantastic opportunity for indie filmmakers to showcase their achievements, with spaces reserved for first and second time filmmakers and for films that have been overlooked by other events.

LIFF presents the best of low-budget filmmaking from around the world, and mixes it up with relevant industry discussions and targeted social networking events. LIFF’s audience is London’s sizeable independent filmmaking community. It’s an indie film festival for indie filmmakers.

Here, The Fan Carpet's Marc Jason Ali shares his Reviews for Shorts Block 3 that showcased the films The Last by Samuel Turner & Andrew Dobson, Child by Ben Kent, An Affable Devil by Alexander Newman & Richard Newman, Delicacy by Michael Middleton-Downer and This Little Death by Alex Hardy...



The Last
Written and Directed by Samuel Turner & Andrew Dobson, The Last is a well made, ingenious film that sees a scientist working towards bringing life to a lone robot.

The design of the robot is awesome giving vibes of Johnny Five from Short Circuit and Wall-E from Wall-E. The robot itself is cute and coloured blue to signify tranquility, however as the film progresses you realise how frustrate the scientist has become, as he really just wants companionship.

With a nine minute runtime, The Last packs a lot in and tells a compelling story with next to no dialogue, relying on the incredible sound design and the visuals.



This thrilling story about an orphan young girl named Jasmine discovers that she has a power that when unleashed has devastating results. This fascinating story is told through flashback and comes to a head in the present day as Jasmine recounts what has happened.

Smartly written, directed and acted, Child is a thought provoking story that sees Jasmine finally take control and come to terms with her traumatic past that saw her abuses by her foster parents.

It is a visual feast when she does finally exorcise her demons and unlock her power to get revenge on those who wronged her, thanks to her very own monster.



An Affable Devil
This eleven minute, two person short film stars Alex Macqueen as David and Cordelia Levinson as Marie, in an intriguing tale that will keep you guessing.

Written, directed and Acted extremely well, to tell you too much would be to give the game away, so I won’t spoil it, however, it is safe to say that this is an eleven minutes well spent.



This shocking character driven piece is an interesting watch, as Sarah, played extremely well by Alice Bird, a young chef in London supplies a popular restaurant in Soho with her delicious dumplings.

She refuses to work there full time, and as events unfold it becomes clear why.

Again, this is another one that you won’t be sorry that you saw, but I know that if I referenced one film, it’ll give it away so I won’t, instead I’ll just say that Delicacy is a great watch, superbly written, directed and acted across the board.



This Little Death
This thrilling short film, Directed by Alex Hardy and Written by Tom Tyrwhitt sees Zoe (Sarah Bauer) start a romance with Mortimer (Jay Simpson), it’s an incredibly passionate love, but when it turns sour Zoe's subconscious intentions begin to show their devilish face, with unexpected consequences.

I don’t want to say to much as I believe that seeing this film with little to no knowledge of what you’re about to see is the best way to watch it.

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