"This is it! The movie I’ve been waiting for!"

Oh My God! This is it! The movie I’ve been waiting for! The reason I’ve criticised every rom com, complaining of the sameness, the predictability, the unreality of it all. Finally I can relax. They clearly listened to me. This film is as perfect as an American romantic comedy will ever get. 

Through flashbacks and postcards we watch as Summer flirts with Tom, Tom falls in love with Summer and Summer…can’t. Or won’t. Argh, it makes me ache just writing about it. Why can’t things be easy? Why can’t we all just say what we mean and feel what the other person wants us to? When did we invent labels, commitment, ideals? 

The voice over and the back and forth flashbacks could’ve made this too complicated, a good idea that didn’t quite deliver. But actually, it works. I spent the whole film shouting (fortunately for everyone else the shouting was in my head) yes! Exactly! Just tell him you love him! But she doesn’t, and actually, it’s ok.  

Don’t let this put you off but I happen to know that a couple of Americans went to see this film as boyfriend and girlfriend and came out deciding to go their separate ways. That’s how powerfully real this film is. Wow.